Healing Circles - Hypnosis and N.L.P .    ( Dr Donna Catalnicescu )
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Donna is a professional with a wide range of skill and expertise.   She holds qualifications in  Hypnotherapy, Management, Counseling, N.L.P and Reiki  and has years of accumulated  experience in a diverse range of fields. Her expertise consists of:                 # Hypnotherapy                         # Strategic Planning                          # Counseling                              # Team Building                         # Reiki                                # Dispute Resolution                         # Rehabilitation                      # Business Development  # Progress Improvement            # Business Management           # Customer Relations                            # Recruitment                                         # Marketing                                     # Sales Her services are tailored for  all kind of individuals  regardless of gender, race or nationality to produce the maximum result. 
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About Donna
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Clinical Hypnotherapist N.L.P  Practitioner & Trainer Adv. Dip of Business Management Reiki Master Dip. of Cousseling Dr Metaphysical Science Dr Hypnosis & Approved   Trainer
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